We are Africa’s most reliable software developers with locations presently in Nigeria and Ghana.
We develop and design websites using latest technologies. We build top-notch Android Apps and premium website scripts for WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and Opencart.


  • Clean Code

    We have a unique coding pattern. We just don’t only write robust codes but we maintain a well structured pattern.

  • Quick Project Timeframe

    To be sincere, our time frame for delivering projects is too quick and unrealistic yet we never disappoint.

  • A+ Designs

    We go the extra miles in design to provide top notch designs. By paying attention to details,we leave no stone untouched regarding designs.

  • Support

    We are always available round the clock to provide support. Just drop us a message and we will always be available for help immediately.

  • Responsive

    All our elements are fully responsive and will adjust to any screen size. We develop for all screen sizes.

  • Ultra High Dedication

    We give our all to our client’s projects. It’s either 100% or we don’t get involve in it.

  • Secure & Reliable Code

    We build our high-end and beautiful applications with great emphasis on security. All our codes pass through rigorous rounds on vulnerability assessment to make them secure.

  • Updates & Upgrades

    We know the only thing constant in life is change. Hence we are always upgrading existing applications to stay up to date with ever moving world.

Latest Technology

We use latest technology and technique presently in vogue.

Rapid Updates

We provide quick updates to address evolving bugs and for performance improvement.

Award Winning

We’ve been recognized by various Award giving bodies in the industry and that’s a plus for us.

Ultimate Solution

Your previous software developer looks to us for inspiration 🙂 Our works and products speak for us.


We provide services that can not be duplicated any where on the web. Making us and our clients stand out from the rest.

Ball'N with Creativity

At CodeMyPain “programming is an art”

A story exists underneath every code we write

Doing basic and regular software developments is not in our DNA. We challenge ourselves with almost impossible to achieve tasks. Over the years we have developed a great number of WordPress premium plugins available on Codecanyon and on our store. Our Android apps are also making great downloads count on playstore. We code with passion and not to get fat stomach and drive a Maybach.


Woocommerce Gift Card plugin allows you to sell redeemable gift cards on your Woocommerce store. The gift cards are coupon codes which are generated automatically and can be applied to carts or products at checkout. It gets more interesting as you can send gift cards to other people. Ramson adds a gift card to cart and on checkout,on the field “I’m sending this Gift Card to someone” he enters Isaac’s email and name then Isaac receives the gift card. I bet this would come very much in handy for Xmas ! At the checkout,if you want it sent to someone else,input the name and email of the receiver.


WooCommerce Android App

Reach a wider range of users by developing an android application for your WooCommerce store. Built using Android Studio, our WooCommerce App allows you to send push notifications to users from your wordpress admin panel, register and login from mobile device, add product to cart and checkout. We provide app store submission of your app as well.
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